Non-Stick Sara Cook - Japanese Aluminium Maifan Stock Pot w/Glass Lid - 22/24cm Induction

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Available in 22cm / 24cm

【STRONG & DURABLE】 Our Non-stick Maifan Stone-coated Soup Pot features a total of 4 layers producing extra-thick wall that is about 2mm thick. These layers help to ensure that the pan is easy to clean, anti-scratch, heats fast. The base of the pan is also coated with an extra-thick layer of maifanite layer that is high temperature resistant.

ENHANCED HEALTH BENEFITS】 Our Soup Pot is coated with a non-stick layer of maifan stone, which brings many health benefits. As Maifan Stone is a type of medical stone, known as maifanitum, it is a special mineral rock containing micronutrient elements that are essential and harmless to human body. This non-stick layer allows you to cook with minimum oil or even without it so you can enjoy your food to its maximum nutrients.

【SUITABLE FOR MANY TYPES OF COOKING TECHNIQUES】 This Non-Stick Maifan Stone Soup Pot is suitable to be used on gas stoves, induction cookers, electric cooker, radiant/ceramic cookers, halogen cooker and electric coil cooker. *It is not suitable for oven or microwave-use*

【SMART IN MATERIALS SELECTION】 Non-Stick Soup Pot not only used of maifan stone but the body of the pot is made of aluminium-manganese alloy which is lightweight yet long-lasting and uniform for heat conduction.

【AVAILABLE IN VARIETY OF CHOICES IN PANS AND POTS】 Our Saracook Series are available in various sizes and different cooking techniques. It is also available in saucepan, soup pot, grill pan and tamagoyaki pan, so that you can have the same design cookware in your kitchen.

Material: Aluminium-manganese alloy, marble coating and stone technology


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