Good Mask Nano 5-Ply Medical Mask - Adult (30pcs)

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Good Mask state-of-the-art technology created its own 5-ply disposable mask using  a nano micromembrane with Bacterial, Penetration and Viral filtration efficiency over 99.9%. It surpassed Medical grade ASTM Level 3 and EN 14683 Type II R standards.

All masks are manufactured in Clean Room ISO 14644 (Class 8) and GMP standard.
30 pieces per box with individually packed, and made of two top grade meltblown fabric.

Good Mask provides excellent breathability; enhanced ear loop to avoid accidental ripping by force; double nose wire are designed for your comfort and protection; ultra soft shell are made of top grade non-woven fabric to reduce fine particles to be inhaled when breath.

All masks are microbial cleanliness /bioburden tested. Thus reduce the chance of having allergic reaction.
Size: 175mmx95mm (+/- 5mm)