304 Stainless Steel Steamer (bamboo steamer replacement)

  • $8.99
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Bamboo steamers exist for thousands of years. Due to is nature, it is difficult to clean, not durable, and prone to mold. This 304 Stainless Steel steamer is the replacement of bamboo as it is moredurable, air-fry friendly, and fits most pots and woks.

Use this steamer tray as a colander to wash and drain food, veggies, pasta, etc.


3 sizes to choose from: 18, 20, OR 22cm

  • 18cm: fit 6 dumplings
  • 20cm: fits 12 dumplings
  • 22cm: fits 16 dumplings


  • Air-Fryer compatible
  • Stainless steel grading: 18/8 or 304 food grade
  • Fits 18, 20 or 22cm snow pan
  • Made in China